Guarantee FDC - La Fabrique des Casiers

The items displayed on the website are guaranteed against possible manufactring defects. The guarantee will last for 1 year from the date of the placement of the order. The guarantee may be satisfied by replacement or reparation of the products. Taquillea will asume the shipping costs in this case. La Fabrique des Casiers will not be responsible for any damage caused by customer handling or vandalism.

Voluntary Return

The voluntary return period is 14 calendar days from the delivery date. The product shall be in perfect condition and original packaging, incluiding all accesories. All returns have a cost of 20% of the total amount of the order. After checking the status of the product upon return, we will proceed to make the refund that corresponds to the customer according to the status of the product and up to a maximum of 80% of the total order amount

The costumer will bear the return cost including transportation. The client may use his transport agency or request us the transport management. In this case, case we will deduct the corresponding shipping cost in the refund.

In accordance with current legislation on return of products, there will be no return of products customized at the request of the customer with specifications other than the options offered by the store, such as measures, colors, locks and other special accessories.

Return for damages - caused during transport –

La Fabrique des Casiers will only be liable for the damages caused during the transport when one of the following two circumstances occurs the damages have been expressly indicated on the delivery note by the customer. In these cases, the customer may opt for restitution or reparation of the items / products affected by the damage. The shipping costs incurred in these cases will be asummed by Taquillea.


To request a return of any kind or apply this guarantee, the following procedure will be followed.

  1. Sending written request addressed to, indicating order number and type of request (voluntary return, return for damages caused by transport or guarantee).

  2. In case of return for damages caused by transport or guarantee, the damage or defects in question will be briefly described in the mail, attaching graphic material (photos and / or videos) of the affected products.

  3. La Fabrique des Casiers will confirm the return or guarantee to the client along with the following steps by mail.

  4. In case of return or restitution of the product, the customer must deliver the product to the carrier in its initial presentation (assembled or disassembled) and properly packed (pallet in which it was received and protections).

  5. In cases where reimbursement is appropriate, it will be carried out within 14 days of receiving the merchandise back at the warehouse.